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Lord and Mayfair is a luxurious brand of hotel amenity that captures the essence of a traditional English country garden. Many Bed & Breakfasts, affectionately known as a B &B, use the Lord and Mayfair line in their establishments as it is enjoyed by both men and women. The line boasts Rosemary and Chamomile Conditioning …
We all have those lazy moments where we’d prefer to skip this important part of our daily skin-care regime. However, removing your makeup before you go to bed is important to keep your skin clean and healthy-looking, let your skin “breathe” while you sleep, and prevent mascara from smudging and foundation stains from making their …
Why would you want to buy a specific skin care product? Maybe it’s because it tightens your skin or keeps it hydrated. Here are the benefits of using Gentle Magic Skin Care. Gentle Magic Skin Care is an affordable range of products that enhances the skin on your face. The product is light enhancing and …

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