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We are all stretching our paychecks (if we are still getting one) as far as possible these days. We are also very concerned about all possible health hazards, and living greener lives. Unfortunately, usually what goes along with the supposedly “greener”, better products are higher prices. A walk down any aisle in any store, and …
Glycerin, also spelled glycerine, is a basic ingredient in most soap. In fact, it is a by-product of soap manufacture as it occurs due to the reaction of strong alkali with an animal fat. This process is known as saponification and it is this process that brings out soap or detergent. While most manufacturers separate …
Mimosa hostiles is a well known entheogen most popularly used for shamanic healing world wide. It is also known as jurema. It is a most popular natural pigment of all and is used for art and craft work especially for dying ties. If for any of your projects you are looking for colors like earthy …

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