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Going green has assumed added importance in this time and place in order to protect the environment. One of the major pollutants responsible for water pollution is the detergent that we use for our daily laundry. Soap nut is the solution to this growing concern. What is not known however is that apart from being …
Carving soap is good, clean fun! Every year my cub scouts looked forward to learning how to safely carve with a knife. They learned how to carve, using a bar of soap. It was quickly apparent that soap carving requires some talent. Who started soap carving? Why would someone want to carve it when it …
One of the all time best natural skin care products around today is coconut oil soap. Although coconut oil is mainly used within soap for structural purposes, its added skin care benefits make it an element not to be overlooked by the cosmetic world. Coconut oil is best known in the soap making industry for …

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