Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss syndrome can be caused by many factors, according to Wrongdiagnosis, like tension, anxiousness, a reaction to soap or shampoo or hair coloring, medicine, migraine headaches, a Vitamin B twelve deficiency, fistula, neuralgia or diabetes, as well as a number of other conditions. Hair loss occurs because of age, genetics, medications, hormonal imbalances and auto-immune conditions as well as other medical checkup conditions. Below is the homeopathic remedies for hair loss in men and burning scalp.

1. TotalHealthCare has some excellent solutions for individuals that are suffering from burning scalp. They recommend you make use of southernwood, which is a herb. Pour five teaspoonful of southernwood infusion into a bottle and add very mild cologne water. Shake the substances or contents. Many people think that Artemisia abrotanum or southernwood smells like menthol and may find the scent disagreeable as do insects. Botanical explains that the oil from Artemisia abrotanum consists primarily of absinthol and is a good stimulus tonic. When you make use of it you should use a diluted version. Add one teaspoonful of the mix to one tablespoonful of warm water and massage it into your scalp. This should do away with dry scalp, which may be the main cause of the burning sensation. It is a good homeopathic remedies for hair loss in men.

2. Watercress, Alcohol and Geranium are another solution for hair problems. Add four ounce of watercress into four ounce of alcohol along with one teaspoonful of geranium oil. Allow this mixture to sit for one week and then apply it to your hair. This will get rid of or eliminate dry scalp, induce hair growth and calm the burning sensation.

Source by Dr Onyekachamara Nauwaniile

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