How to Make a Woman Addicted to You – Trick Her Into Attraction Addiction

Some men think they’re competing with other men in the dating scene without realizing that their main competition is themselves. To better understand this concept, think of the main hindrance to your dating life now. Is it another man hitting on the girl you like or is it your apprehension that she might like the other guy more than you?

Here’s the thing. To be a dating success, you must try at least a few psychology tactics to emotionally connect with women. Rather than sticking to methods that only touch women superficially, go for those that make women feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Read on to find out what you can do to psychologically and emotionally connect with women…

How To Make A Woman Addicted To You – Trick Her Into Attraction Addiction

Trick #1. Advanced conversation techniques. The best conversationalists employ a mixture of verbal and body signals to express themselves. These can be your hand gestures or the unique timbre of your voice. It can also be the way you dish out wisecracks during a serious conversation.

Whatever it is that makes you stand out as a conversationalist, use it in flirting. Some guys take it one step further by punctuating their words with actions. Saying hi alone will make her feel ok, but saying hi and taking her hand in yours will shock her in a good way.

Trick #2. Keep her guessing. The fact is that if a woman thinks that she completely understands you, then she will feel less attracted to you. Do you know why she is addicted to TV soap operas? It’s because each episode ends with a cliffhanger ending – so she won’t be able to quit watching. You should do the same to her – by getting her on her toes all the time and guessing your intentions.

I am not asking you to mess with a woman’s mind – but always remember that you will need to always retain her interest by giving her the “soap opera” that she desperately yearns in her life.

Trick #3. Fractionation. One other way of making a woman feel emotionally invested in you is this hypnosis technique called Fractionation. It’s bound to make a woman feel attached to you because by using this, you put her through an emotional roller coaster. The secret is in the way you connect with her through your words, and the way you make her feel that you’re the only one she wants to be with. The best part is that you can do this in less than 15 minutes to see quick, amazing results.

The fractionation formula is a simple two-step tactic which can be used by any guy successfully, no matter how experienced he is in dating and seducing women. Amazingly powerful, it uses state-of-the-art “value elicitation” and “anchoring” techniques to make a woman feel emotionally connected with you quickly. Try it!

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