Soap Nut Detergent – The Best HE Detergent And 100% Natural

Going green has assumed added importance in this time and place in order to protect the environment. One of the major pollutants responsible for water pollution is the detergent that we use for our daily laundry. Soap nut is the solution to this growing concern. What is not known however is that apart from being eco-friendly, it is an excellent HE detergent? Read on to know more.

We are in a world where ‘going green’ holds more significance then ever before and why not. With the rate that we are using up the resources of nature and the rate at which the pollution levels are going up, it is a much needed move. Yet, our efforts lag far behind than what they should be. Green technology and green products are often introduced as an alternative to chemical based products and processes that cause pollution, but with little positive response from people. One thing is that green products are often expensive than non-green alternatives and the other is that people are often not aware, that there are green solutions which are effective as well as affordable.

One good example of this fact is detergents. Yes, the chemical detergents that we use at our homes in the daily washing of our laundry. It is a well known fact that detergents are a non-degradable product that remains in the environment as such for year’s altogether. With the amount of washing done every day in several hundreds of household’s, even in a single city it is imaginable how much detergent goes down the pipelines and into larger water bodies. The suffering aquatic life often shows signs of the damage we are inflicting on it, in the form of several fishes and other aquatic creatures dying. The ill effects do not stop here. They affect us in many more indirect ways.

What many people are not aware of is the fact that there is an alternative in soap nut, which is a natural product and is an excellent HE detergent. It is a low sudsing, effective surfactant that flows easily removing the dirt, grime and oil from clothes. Sopanin, the active ingredient released by soap nuts to produce the soaping effect is an effective cleaning agent. That essentially means that all front loading washing machines, which require HE detergents as they use tumbling to clean the laundry and use less water can very well use soap nuts as a natural detergent. What’s more soap nuts do not leave any residues in the washing machine after the wash. As front load machines use less water, it is a great advantage for there is no additional water requirement for flushing the machine. They can be used in powder form, liquid form or by boiling the soap nut shells and using the water as a detergent. There are many convenient alternatives available now, in terms of use of soap nuts.

There are other attributes about soap nuts that make it a perfect HE detergent. It has properties like being anti-fungal, antimicrobial, biodegradable and hypoallergenic naturally. Further, being a natural product, it is not harsh on clothes. You would not need any fabric softener for use along with soap nuts.

One attribute often associated with eco-friendly products is their high costs. With soap nut detergents there are little issues as far as the costs are concerned. The fact is that these detergents are very much affordable; in fact they are often inexpensive as compared to commercial detergents. With this important issue there is hardly anything that could beat soap nuts in terms of efficiency, ease of use and most importantly sustainability as a detergent.

Source by Vineet U Ghai

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